Futsal, the mini football for many people, was considered for many years the place where bad football players continued to play football or the 'cemetery' of old football players who still wanted to continue to enjoy.

In last 10 years, the vision of futsal is completely changed; the 'the poor brother' has finally been accepet and been considered of crucial importance in the formation age to create a more intelligent, technically developed and creative player.

Football is totally changed in last 30 years, and especially 2 important revolutiobary steps has made futsal so important for the evolution of the soccer player.

The first revolution was given by Arrigo Sacchi´s Milan. Sacchi did an exasperate use of the offside tactic, with very very high defensive line and big reduction of the space and time for play.

The second big revolution was given by Guardiola´s Barcelona. The 'Tikitaka' style of playing has his roots in futsal, as play with players very near to give lots of option to the player in ball possession, the continuos movement to open lines of pass and create space are parts of futsal DNA. Then the high and strong pressing and the immediate pressing after lost....reduced again the space and the time.....this required that the modern foortball player should have a better and more rapid processor to understand the game and execute faster,  and more effective individual tecnique.

I have had a lot of seminars in China, where there are big investment to become a football giant, to explain the importance of Futsal in the age of formation and how could also improve top elite players (body orientation, more rapid decision making system, concentration, finishing, periferic vision......). Chinese seems very interested in this idea to create the modern football players using Futsal.


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