Well, if you have red my biography, you have surely red that i like to define myself the globetrotter of Futsal. Why?? i have already worked in Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Qatar, Norway, China, and now Finalnd...and from every country i have learnt something and updated myself. Now for example i am Sergio V.4.9

The first thing i learnt when i passed from Italy to Japan, a country completely different in weather, culture, food, history .... that i could not copy and paste what i was doing in Italy. I should adapt my idea of futsal to many other things. I undertsood how much important is to understand the culture of the team.

Everytime i arrtive in a new club oor federation, the first step is ti understand where i am and their culture and imemdiately after start to work on the team identity

The creation of the team identity is a long process, require time and should be updated every year; i am also sure that to build a strong and winning team is necessary to create a strong and well defined team identity. The 'All Black' New Zeland are one of the most famous examples.

The Team identity is a combination between:

1. Culture of the club

  • Values
  • expectations of clubs and supporters
  • culture, way of play
2. The strenghts of the team

  • Roster, quality, strenghts
  • Coaching staff
  • Training center
  • Culture
3. You vision/your beliefs as coach

  • Unnegotiable principles (if you are born square you cannot day cirlcular) and you have to always remain coherent with yourself
  • Values
  • Way of play you like
  • Philosophy
4. The targets

  • Clear purpose. 'Because every journey and ride begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something and if you have a desire then you also have the power to make it happen' - Lou Holtz
  • Individual roles & expectations
‚€čI start to fill all these points with an answer, and then i trace the guide lines of the team identity, talking asking and sharing with players. When you have aligned all the points, the team idenity will be defined.

The next step is to start process to put in motion and develop daily the team culture, findeing the right strategies, team leading and communication to follows the team identity guidelines


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