The transition 3v2 is one of the transition which most happen in futsal and is rich of many technical tactical elements.

  • Attacker with ball occupy the central corridor, the other 2 attackers both lateral corridors (overlap or parallel)
  • When is possible, pass first defender in dribbling using the speed of the run vs a still defender, transform the 3v2 in 3v1
  • Temporize during the driving of the ball (if the superiority is on the back or to give time to team mate to occupy both lateral corridors) and movement of neck to control the speed of recovery running of defender
  • Far from goal: divide the defense with a parallel when the ball is in side
  • Defenders in Line: 
  1. Shoot from center when arrive to a distance of less than 10 mt.
  • Use the strong side (when a defender close a side):
  1. Forward pass to avoid recovery of defender (attacker off the ball in line with his defender)
  2. Move in font of the defender (of the attacker off the ball) + second post (if defender of the attacker without ball defense behind the attacker)
  3. Eventual overlap of central player after pass to strong side after attacker moved in front of defender
  • Use weak side:
      1. Before defender close pass line and then 1vs.Gk

      2. important technical element the lob pass to the weak side of the defense

  • Finishing
  1. 1vs.Gk
  2. 2 post (High shoot)
  3. Dismark of player at 2 post (open a pass lane)
  4. If after pass to side, defender of central player jump on side player Winsted of mxm defense , the best option becomes a pass back to attacker in central corridor
In the video you can see a training exercise created by my assistant coach Pedro Cuadra executed by players of Finnish national team.
Contact me for any question or new ideas to develop the attack 3v2



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