Every coach has is own style, and there is not the magic formula which allows cenrtainty of victory and goos results, but as i believe that every coach has proper vision and some game principles which defines own understnding of futsal. I have been always attracted to keep the ball possession and that my team ould manage the load of the game. I know that futsal is going in an opposute direction, more and more vertical, more and more direct connection with pivot, moer and more use of Gk to exit from opponent pressure.... may be i am romantic, but i always liked this aspect of game

One pf the biggest challenges that i have faced is that not always i have had my in my roster players who allowed me to develop this kind of futsal, so i always asked myself how is possible to improve the ball possession in a team in a way to allow them to manage the rhythm of the game, when there aren't in the roster players with techical tactical qualities to play these kind of futsal??

I have analized many sports to understand which are principles which regulate the ball possession: football, basketball, hockey

Everything start from a crucial point understand how to act when the ball is pressed and when is not pressed

1. When ball is pressed the body orientation of the player with ball usually is not front to opponent goal, but front to side or even front to own goal; the main targets now is not to attack but protect the ball and exit from trouble. This is the moment where the team in possession need to bring the ball to a player who is orientated front to oppoennt goal and has time and space to place. Is fundamental to develop these concept

- Quick return running behind the ball line

- use of blocks and scree to release the pressure on the ball

- be able to change direction to play to the weak side

- Pass back to Gk when is possible

2. When the ball is not pressed instead is really important create positional or numerical advantage

- sharp movements to obligate defender to loose one of the 2 parameters (ball - direct opponent)

- Feint

- Proximity

- Jump of line

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