2 weeks ago during the Uefa Champion's league match Bayern Munich vs. Manchester City, ended with result of 1v1 with a usual goal of Haaland.

The goal came from a transition 2v2, where Haaland did a very brilliant choice, whith which he dismarked himself and ended with an amazing shoot

The brialliant choice came by easy concept that we use in futsal to lead the transition 2v2 and 3v3

1. The 2 attackers separate each other to create 2 situations of 1v1 and make difficult the help of the second defender and more space for close the transition.... the same concept that Haaland chose successfully in the match against Baryern

2. in this moment tyhe second defender has to choose, to control the direct opponent or stay in a position which can allow a support to the team mate who is facing a 1v1 situation. To the attackers the duty to recognize and choose the best option.


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