Working for the Finnish football association we have started the project Futsal2Football, where the targets is to introduce futsal inside professional football academies.

The targets are to improve and complete the growth of football players introducing the micro details of futsal and at same time develop and introducing futsal inside football full talent academies.

The Macro technica/tactical targets of the projects are:

1. Improve individual technical skills in the relationship ball/foot using specific gestures offutsal technique: .

- The use of the sole, to protect the ball, to change direction, in the phase of dribbling

- The use of the toe in the phase of finishing


2. Improve the technical speed of the game:

- Improve the speed of technical gesture Increase the speed of circulation of the ball Make faster the decision making process


3. Be able to play and be effective in small spaces as a single player (technical/tactical abilities) and in a collective way (combinations of 2-3-4 players) especially in the phase of finishing


4. Improve the duels giving tools to solve the 1v1 both defensive and offensive phase

- Improving The defensive basic position in the 1v1

- The offensive 1v1 as main source of attack in creating numerical superiority in futsal


The other main target is to spread the knowledge of futsal along the country

- Introducing futsal as as a tool to improve technical tactical aspects in the formation of the young players in which football don’t go so much in detail

- The benefits of double activity: how futsal rules influence the formation of the young player

- Increase number of futsal competition during winter (November/February)


If you have any questions on how to integrate futsal to football, don't hesitate to contact me and for more details you can check my book


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