Every defense start with the work of the defender of attacker with ball, is not important if the collective defensive system is zone or individual marking: if the defender of attacker with ball is not doing own job properly, NOT EXISTS defense.

But what is exactly the job that has to do?

- Pressing the ball during the trip

- Arrive at a distance that is not far but not too near to be passed by first touch of attacker

- try to start to put pressure on attacker to avoid if possible to be engaged in 1v1 and if force the attacker to protect the ball.

- be able to react of first touch, transforming the vertical running to an horizontal running, wthout being passed, keeping pressure on the ball or at least a security distance and  who makes the attacker not so comfortable to play.


As you see there are a lot of concepts, and it's not so easy, but to my point of view this is the first and most important step to start any kind of defense. So how should be the correct technique of defending during this running?

Approach quikly during the trip of the ball, adjusting the running technique during last steps, running on toes, with short and quick steps which allows a very quick reaction to the movements of attacker. In the video an example of defensive technique and one exercise with Ville, the physical coach of Finnish National Team.


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