The Futsal Way: Maximizing the Performance of Elite Football Teams Through Futsal Methods

Finally i am seeing the light!!! 

At the end of september, my first real book will be finally published. It's been really an HARD work, more than prepare a training or lead a team. And i should affirm for sure that without my friend Paul Challen, who helped a lot and is my companion in this book.... all the ideas that i had about how futsal can help football in elite competition, would probably remained in my mind. Write a book is definitely an experience.

Well the book is about lots of ideas that i developed during last 10 years, and which probably reflect my ultimate challeng i would like face in my career (and i don't know if will never become true), on how a futsal coach, and a futsal method could have success in elite footbaal. YES, you undertood well, this thought has become a target in my mind and i wish i will have a chance in future to collaborate with a professional football elite coach to develop these ideas. 

In the book I will analize elite football wearing  a pair of futsal glasses: from set pieces (corners and kiks in), to rotations of midfielder; from transitions to pressing and count-pressing; from technical skills of dribbling front to goal and back to goal to the directional control, the incorporation of Gk in the build-up.... and many many others.

So stay tuned and be ready for a differnt reading



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