Proactiv is an adjective became very popular in actual vocabulary, and it means: a person who creates or controls a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened. Proactiv is also a person who can manage un-expected situation and can turn to his advantage situations of disadvantage.

Mmodern Football where the spaces are always narrow, where the time of playing and thinking are always rediced, create PROACTIV player becomes one fitures that coaches have to keep in mind during the formation of players.

Features of Proactiv player:

SCAN THE SPACE In depht and in widht hide intensions with the body(LIE) - Change directions see the space - occupy the space - exploit the space
TIMING Moving off the ball when to enter in the space - when to create space  
BODY ORIENTATION dominium of the visual field - Peripheral vision Where is the defender? Where is the space? Hide Intensions (LIE)
GAME UNDERSTANDING quick analisys of the situations Choice between all possible solutions fast and efficient decision making
ADAPTABILITY be able to play in different position  be able to go to play in a zone different from the usual at the right time when space is created  
ANTICIPE THE GAME being in advance on the timeline of the game predicto what is going to happen and anticpate the consequences don't reveal in advance informations to the opponent
Most of today's players are reactive, it means the can react to a situation with the technical/tactical/physical tools that they have, but today's football is demanding for something more.

Futsal has in its DNA training methodology the Proactiv building players training. See some example in the video


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