Futsal and Football belongs to the same family, are like 2 brothers that in the early age follow a common developing way then at one moment of the growth their street will divide to complete their journey. 

Most of the technical drilss players learn in small space, are very useful when they go to bigger space of football, the first of all due to the nature itself of futsal, is the FUTSAL players develop a Unpredictable tecnique. Futsal could be defined as: no space for play and no time for think, to gain advantage on opponent is fundamental develop a different technic, to surprise the opponet, UNPREDICTABLE.  

Anyway futsal develop some specific skills that remain 'mostly' futsal skills:


Short Ground Pass Short High Pass Long Ground Pass Long High Pass
Interior Interior Interior Interior
Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Instep Instep Instep Instep
Sole Loop   Loop
Heel Parallel (exterior)    
The passes are divided in 4 categories: long or short passes, ground floor or high.

The passes with Interior, Exterior or Instep use fundamentally the same tecnique and have the same purpose


THE SOLE: is a pass made for short distance pass, used fundamentally in 2 specific situations

- To play on week side, when a player is pressed to escape from press and playe at the weak side opf the defense

- When there is a back pass from pivot to give tea mate the ball for shoot.

THE HEEL pass (diffent from football heel pass) is short distance pass use fundamentally

- to escape from pressing going to use a team mate move to parallel, on the weak side of the defense, to open a pass line previously closed by the defender during the movement without ball of the attacker  

THE PARALLEL pass, is a short distance pass mede with exterior of the foot, done with a small loop to allow the ball to pass in the space between the knee and the ankle of the defender , to allow team mate to go to shoot or to escape from pressing after parallel movement.

 THE LOOP pass, can be a long or short distance pass, made with the interior part of the foot near the foot thumb. it is used in many situations

- for a diagonal pass, to pass the ball over the defender

- In situation of set play, corner, kick in or some time free kick for a voley shoot






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