Im in Japan, at my father's in law house, it's a rainy saturday and my wife is sleeping on the sofa in front of me. Im on holiday, due to the Chinese New Year celenration week.

This year is not a celebration day for all Chinese, it is a sad day, due to the New Corona Virus which started in Wuhan at the beginning of the year and had aleady killed 41 people and spread all around China.  

Almost all my players and staff, we left China on 22 january, all except the players from Wuhan, who is told by CFA to stay in sport center due to security reason. When i left the athmosphere in the airport was a mix of worry and fear....something dangerous and uncontrollable was upsetting the most powerful country of the world.

Now im worried, im worried for my players and their family, im worried for my chinese friends and collegues, i have spent many months in Wuhan during the last 2 years, meeting many people....i was there at the middle of November....and this situation seems not real.....  

I should come back to China on day 30 to start again to train the national team, and then move to Spain to complete the preparation period, i don't know if it will be possible, i dont know if will lack some players, i dont know what will be.... i continue to believe that the problem will be solved soon, i continue to work hard, watching opponents's games, fixing all the friendly matches.....if we will have the chance, we need to double our strenghts and commitment to help to bring some joy to the country in this unlucky moment.   

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my players, my Chinese friends.....wish that soon China will go back to normal life, the 2019Ncov will be beaten and 2020 will be a prosperous happy year.




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