Kumming, 13-14 November, my first experience as inctructor at the AFC/CFA football pro coach license course. For the first time futsal has been inserted as part of the modern football player development. 9 hourse divided in 4 and half hours in class and the same in the field, showing to Chinese Pro coaches, a different way to create more developed and moder football players. It was a great experience, sharing ideas with the head instructor of the course, mr. Lars Isecke, and then with Chinese coaches. We have talked about methodology of training from 'small court' to 'big court' which kind of advantages can bring, and how to train, which kind of exercise we can use to develop the concepts developed in the class. All the concepts has been analized both for the age of formation but also how the futsal methodology can help in Top/Elote team. For Chinese Football is really a step forward, modern concepts that in more advanced football countries are already part of the football coaches education, in China are arrived only now. Im sure this will help a lot Chinese coaches to develop new generation of football players.



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