Mission Completed!!! 

Last 24 October, after almost 3 months training, we got the qualification to the next Final Round of AFC 2020, which will be help in Turkmenistan.

Ordos, Chinese Inner Mongolia, 2 groups:

1)Japan, Korea and Macau

2)China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Mongolia

The winner of each groups, go directly to Turkmenistan, the runners up, play another match, and the winner, will be the last qualified.

In the first group Japan had easy path, with a 17-2 success versus Macao and a 4-2 in the derby vs. Korea, which easily beaten Macau

We started playing a little bit nervously vs. Mongolia (home game, lots people, pressure�) end with a 3-0 which could a larger scored, in the other match Taipei beaten Hong Kong 5-1.

Second day, victory 5-0 vs. Hong Kong and the surprise Mongolia draw 4-4 vs. Taipei, in the last match we won easily 8-2 vs. Taipei and�. The surprising Mongolia beaten Hong Kong 5-2�.

For China, 16 goals scored and 2 received, 3 Victories, and 3 good performances. Thank you to my players and staff, right reward after 3 months of intense preparation. 

For the last pass, Korea has beaten Mongolia.


You can find the full pdf of our prepration pln in the session of free contents



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