Yesterday night, the long preparation period for Afc qualification is started, 20 players and 7 staff, has met in the new CFA national training center in Xianghe. The camp will have a duration of 5 weeks and will end with a 4 nations tournament (7-8-10 september) in Chengdhu. I have a great motivation and high hopes, i have invested a lot of energy in this project and now is time to finalize it with great result. I came in China with clear target to try to qualify China for futsal world cup, after the unique partecipation of 2008. Has been a very hard period with lot of difficulties, i think stronger than opponents,  but i have always kept high spirit and hope, working hard to oevrcome all the problems. And if i could reach until now....i can go everywhere... The team is a mix between young players and expert ones, with the first who has to transfer the desire and motivation in change of learn from the experience of the olders..... I have watched almost all games of superleague and second division, to have clear mind on the selection of the players which can help to get the target. Now the last part of the project has finally started, we are on the way, we have passed from plan to action and i can feel the adrenaline..... From the rooster are absent the players of Shenzhen who are playing the AFC Club's Championship and the Intercontinental cup and will reach the team later. The qualification will be host in China, in Ordos next october. Our group inclues Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taipei. Winning the grouop means go straight to Turkmenistan in next february, arrive second mean play vs. the second of the other group (Japan, Korea and Macao). Lets go with confidence. JAIO CHINA!!!



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