2 weeks ago, the Chinese Futsal Super League 2018/2019 is end....with same winner of last year, Shenzhen Tielang. the league started last November with a central match in Dalian, that saw Shenzhen team play against Zhuhai, which has been the last team to fight and which lost the league in the match before the last. the match 32 in fact was Zhuhai vs. Shezhen, with the host team in delay of 3 points, but with the advantage of home game. It's been an amazing game with the final result of 3-3 which gave Shenzhen the second consecutive title. The league has been uncertain till the end with Qingado and Zhuhai which have played for the tiltle until the end, last year after my former team Dalian changed the coach, Shenzhen dominated the league with an easy victory. Shenzhen this year has been helped by 2 high level foreigner players; Serginho from Intermovistar and Hasanzhade, many times nominated best Asian player. Both gave a great contribution to the victory of the league. The top scorer has been another Iranian, Hamad Esmaelpour with 64 goals, second position for his team mate in Qingdao Zhang Bing with 60 goal. 2 teams relegated to second division., Xinjang and Henan, which finished the league with the record of 0 points....yes you read good ZERO points, and sure was not a good business card for league development. From second division Nigbo and Hebei has been promoted to first division for 2019/2020 which will start in november and will see 2 big rules change. 1)Only one foreigner player in the field. 2)Only home and away matches, without central matches...let's see if Shenzhen will be champion again. Congratulations to the champions and to all other teams which made the league more exciting and better than the previous year.


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