Im in Bin zhou, a 4th level city in Shangdong province, to watch the 4 days central matches of Chinese super league. Also this year the league format is 12 teams, which play 3 rounds, home, away and central matches for a total of 33 matches, without play off. Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Qingado are playing for the title. As coch of national team, i came here to watch the performances of my players and to see if some other player will rise. The organization here is Bin Zhou has been better than in the previous central matches, even the lack of audience and supporters is one of the main problems which the federation should solve to develop futsal, and its not a matter of quality of matches, because some of them has been very attractive especialy the one between Qingdao vs. Shenzhen, ended with an amazing 5vs.5. Another problem that is needed to be solved is the about format of the league: 1)33 matches in a country big like China, means lots of cots for clubs, due to long airplane travels 2)the actual format (round robin, without play off) is very limiting because at the middle of the season, there are already 7 clubs that havent any targets. this bring some of these clubs (not having a target) to try to save money for the following season, releasing foreigners, reducing the number of trainings and making the league less attractive and less competitive. Round Robin Format (home/away) + play off for the best 8 teams and play out for the last four, will obligate the teams to be committed till the end of the season. Another disadvantage of not having play off is that, the stronger and more organized team will always be champion, and if this is in one side right, in the other make the league not so attractive.....with a very clear ending. About players, not many news,almost always teh same players,  the lack of youth competitions, avoid to have a tank where clubs can look for new players..... luckily Federation has understood this and new futsal department has started for this year competition U.20-U.18-U.16-U.14-U.12. There will be only tournament, but it could be considered a big step....the other one is that starting from the season 2021/2022 all the clubs which will want to partecipate to Chinese Futsal Superleague should have under 20 team and take part to the upcoming U.20 national futsal league..... Futsal has finally moved the first important steps and has a clear developing plan.....CHINA IS COMING




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