The 2 players play or synchronization between 2 players is the most elementary type of organized of attack, is a form of not spoken communication where 2 players try to coordinate their tactical intention and then their movements in order to develop the attack and unbalance the defenders to arrive to finish.
In futsal, for my opinion, when a coach has created an excellent communication between 2 players, has done the 70% of the creation of the system of attack, in football has a great importance too. Knowing these offensive basics will  allow to players to have enough offensive resources to attack any type of defense.
From the definition of futsal and Futbol: “as a team sport with target to bring the ball to the goal after a series of movements and actions Synchronized between players, with lots of variable elements, due to reaction of the opponents, we can affirm that the base of attack starts with Synchronization between 2attacking players, who through coordinated movements, and understanding and adapting to the circumstances of the game, try to get the collective target of attack.
The movements between 2 players are the fowling: 
DUALITY IN FUTSAL:                                                                DUALITY IN FOOTBALL                                                                                
  • Cross/Overlap.                                                               - Cross/overlap
  • Parallel                                                                           - Parallel
  • Diagonal                                                                         - One-two
  • One-two                                                                         - 1vs.1 + second poste
  • 1vs.1 + 2nd. poste                                                          - 1vs.1 + pivot
  • 1vs.1 + pivot
  • Backdoor 
  • Go & come
  • Go, Come and go
  • Block + continuation
  • Blind block and continuation 
  • Cut wuthout ball
In the following days I will upload a series of exercises to coordinate 2 players


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