During my holidays i ususally invest time to update myself, and as a software become a new and updated version (Sergio 4.4 is the last one), improved by experience, obeservation, exeperimentation and use of new technologies. In the last 23 weeks i was surfing the web thinking about how to improve my video analysis, to make video graphically more attractive but especially clearer for my players and for coaches during courses. Looking for new softwares, i realized how technology has really changed my way of coaching since is started almost 20 years ago.

I remember during my first years, i used a yearly notebook (following the Velasco system) where i wrote all my training sessions, notes and kept as reference fot the following years....then i passed to keep all my training session in a computer using excel, to design exercises with ppt.......and my first camera with wider, which i bought with first salary of Japanese national team, has become my most faithfull assistant/work tool.

When i started the video analysis....how was complicated to learn to manage the software, convert video, edit,.....and now is a work that i almost do everyday during the season......about video analysis i made another step during my years in Vietnam, i bought a software for live video editing. 'Big equipment': camera, wider, tripod, converter, roll of 50 meter of electric cable, portable wi-fi system, projector and ipad, my assistant Nguyen (still work for VFF,  is video recorder man of Miguel Rodrigo), who make video analysis in real-time was able to send frames to an ipad to the bench after 1 minute of the end of the episode in game; at the end of first half we were able to organize a mini video session to correct or put in evidence some situations......

In china, the use of clouds to share with players video of set plays, video of personal and team scouting..... 

Now im working on a new step....the telestraing software to improve the quality of my video and make them more easily to be understood by players. As in past years, the price of this kind of software made me very scared, if afford this invest or not.....but after some initial doubt, the decision is taken. Now i need to find the most suitable one Coach paint, rtws, fubalytics, krossover.....and have the power to study and practice with software, which at beginning as every new software will make me very very scared for loosing too much time.

In recent 15 years technology has become more available, widespread, and accepted on out wired world......i wonder which kind of technology i will use in the next 15 years 



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