News » Lunedì, 27 Novembre 2017

Since 3 weeks i have started training with my Club, Dalian Yuan Dynasty. As always in China, I started training with all my players just 1 day before the league start...but luckily we won all 3 first games....and we have started our road to confirm the title we won last year.

The team is made by all same players, except 1 who left, because decided that he was time to become full time coach (my best wishes to you Li Xin) italy we say:"winning team never change"....and Dalian team followed this way.The team is still made by 2 groups, Dalian players and students from Wuhan university, so same as last year we will live and train between Wuhan and Dalian.....

 Here a specific training circuit for aerobic resistance and 4-0 movements