News » Lunedì, 30 Ottobre 2017

Yesterday was last day of 5 trainings camp i had with Norwegian Team, 5 intense days, that made me very tired both physically and mentally. Anyway work with these players is really a great pleasure, the best that every coach could desire. The great desire to improve, to learn, made them giving their 120% in every training sessions. In 5 days we have done 9 training sessions and 2 video meetings, and considering that these players are not professionals, and used to train maximum 3 times/week or less, the physical and mental load were really great. They answered giving their maximum, always, showing a passion and an application that rarely i met during my career. Since the first training session on wednesday to today, their way to play futsal were ompletely changed, that´s why i feel very satisfied of how we have worked in this camp. Unfortunately the starting level of the players is not high, they lack of experience and basic knowledge, the league is too short (only 4 months) and not competitive, and the few time that we have together for training is not enough to make futsal grow up fast in the country.....even with the excellent attitude that players have. Thank you very much to my players and staff. VERY GOOD JOB!!!