News » Giovedì, 7 Settembre 2017

Having a correct body orientation is one of the main features for modern midfielders. Last week i watched the game for European qualification between Spain and Italy and i had the possibility to view how the central midfielder of Spain (Sergio Busquets) always had a correct orientation when he received between the lines of Italian Defense.

To have a correct Positioning is fundamental not receive the ball back to offensive goal, and have a correct perception of the distance of the opponents. This allow to take the correct decision, if play forward and vertical, creating a superiority or pass back for moving the ball and keeping the possession.

Many times, due to a bad body orientation, I can watch midfielders that receive the ball alone between the lines of opposite defense, and the should easily turn and exploit the superiority, that instead play back, not exploiting a situation of advantage.

Futsal helps players in young age or in high level competition to improve the Body Orientation