News » Lunedì, 24 Aprile 2017

Jorge Alba Delgado, better known as Tote, is a Spanish Futsal Player, playing for Al Shahania club in Qatar.

He was my player during the last season in Shahania. I didn´t know him before to start the season, he was already a player of the team before my arrival....and i had some doubts on him.

He is one of the players that every coach would like to have, very skillfull, with a great technique, fighter, the first who arrive for training and last to go, very good for the group and real "man" in important moment of the game.

 We shared lots of moment with him in this season and was a great surprise for me when i knew him in deep. A very sensible and honest man, with great dedication to his work.

The first official game of the season he had a bad injury to the ligament of the knee of his right foot....i remember very well that day, against Al Sadd. he cried, he was so down....i brought him to hospital....and the following day he was already started the rehabilitation program.

His tenacity and spirit of sacrifice was unique....incredible his interior power.

His recovery time was a help the team, he played  3 games with incredible pain to his knee, avoiding to kick with his "wonderful" right foot, always without complaining but fighting at his best.

Last week i saw he has been voted player of the month in Qatar league; I am not more his coach, but i am so proud of this award, as if my son received it.

Thank you Tote, for all you have done for me.....and good luck for the future. Wish one day you will play for me again