News » Mercoledì, 3 Settembre 2014

That´s the mother of the question??? 

I am currently in Jakarta collaborating with new AFI (Futsal Association Indonesia), and they asked to MR. Ryan Gozali (N.1 Indonesian Sport Manager) and me, to keep a conference and a forum about this ardous subject.

Most of leagues in Europe in last years had problems of team that disappears, leagues with reduces teams, that bring the result to loose popularity and credibility to our sport and sport in general.

AFI, considering that this problem is not only related to the world economical crysis, but has a component in the structure of leagues, is thinking how they can create a sustainable league that can attract sponsors, that can survive and increase popularity without being subject to economical crisis or all other event that characterized eurpean leagues in last ten years.

Many interesting idea comes out by this forum and i really wish a AFI can create a new model which bring new vital Limpha to our sport.