Foto dal Mondo » Domenica, 15 Luglio 2012


Hội An harbor, built in 15th century, is a market where Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese tradesmen came to exchange the goods and left their traces through the pagodas. Only until the last half of the 17th century, this place is transformed into a particular town of Dai Viet (Đại Việt - Vietnam formerly). In 19th and beginning of 20th century, in spite of political instabilities, Hội An was always a very animating market. During 1980s, the old city became a tourist point attracting visitors around the world. 

It is quite interesting for the visitors, coming there, to stroll in the quiet districts or on cyclo contemplating old houses whose tiles are since hundreds of years. The night is especially more brilliant and mysterious with the candles, hung under the house veranda, in the Chinese lanterns in the shape of a nhót or a pumpkin in bamboo covered by multicolored fabrics. 

During the "nights of the old city", organized all the 14th of the lunar month, Hội An become brilliant, mysterious with the light of the fuzzy and reflecting lanterns. There are round or prism lanterns in Chinese style, hung under the veranda or two door sides, the lanterns of large and small form of a caranium, or of a long pipe covered with white papers in Japanese style, suspended to alongside the posts... Moreover, other cultural activities are also organized like: hát bài chòi (sing while playing cards), hò đối đáp (sing alternatively while working), gastronomy, poetry clubs, traditional music, unicorn dance, hoa đăng (lanterns in the river), and songs of children near Cau pagoda... The scene and mysterious light of old city associated with some Quang region's dishes as "bánh Bo", "bánh Vạc", "Cao lầu" in restaurants from beginning of the century, with the singers voice resounded from the boats in the river, or under the roofs, or from the street end... All that forms a strange and particular attraction of Hội An.

The streets full with shades of the trees and alstonias odor about October, the lanes curve in the old city, the inns all close one to other carry the beauty of time with the suspended flowers under the faded tile roof... formed a very old and poetic Hội An. Thus, though so many changes, the alluvia of the river and historical events, Hội An remains always, and always a voucher to remember history of Vietnam development.